True Gospel
Independent Baptist
Sanctify them through thy truth:
          thy word is truth
                John 17:17

Welcome To TGIBC

A Church Where Misfits Fit

True Gospel Baptist Church is a church built on the firm foundation, the Lord Jesus Christ and His blessed Word. 

We assemble ourselves together to do none other but to bring glory and honor to His name

 and to be challenged to live for Him through the preaching of His Word. Our belief is come as you are 

but don't leave as you came.

At True Gospel we have a wonderful Sunday School Program for all ages from kindergarten to senior saints. 

Sunday School starts each Sunday at 10:00am in our sanctuary. We have some dedicated teachers that love 

to teach God's Word and are extremely knowledgeable of Biblical Truths. We hold to and believe the the 

Authorized Version of 1611, better known today as The King James Bible, is the preserved Word of God 

and is the only text used to teach or preach doctrinal truths.  

We love Children at TGIBC! When asked what do we have for the kids the answer always is the BIBLE. 

Our church goes the extra mile to provide all our children with great Bible lessons that not only point a child to Christ, 

but helps develop character so that they be a good example unto the flock. In the process of laying a goodly foundation

 in the children we also have a lot of fun and enjoy many fun activities.  Children should be active in their church 

and we give them many opportunities to serve Him in our services. 

Out motto, "Where Misfits Fit," might seem a little comical but it's actually  not. We are not your usual stuffed shirt , 

nose in the air, better than anyone else kind of congregation.  We simply love people for who they are! 

So if your looking for a church we would love for you to visit with us. Can't wait to see ya!

True Gospel Independent Baptist Church

6389 Simpson Dr.

Milton, Florida 32570

(850) 623-3713